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Counterfit Cosmetics

Ladies, please be aware of quite a few recent listings that have FAKE cosmetics. These items are not only of lesser quality than the real deal, but you have no idea what's in them. To boot, some people will attempt to pull the wool over your eyes and ask for values that are similar to authentic cosmetics. Here are a few helpful tips regarding authentic cosmetics:

MAC: MAC products will always have a name, not just a number. (there is 1 lipstick that is an exception)
         MAC Products do NOT come with sponge eye shadow applicators
         MAC Does NOT make any palette of eye shadow more than 8. They never have and never will. If you see a palette that has more
         than 8 eye shadows, its' completely fake. The 8 Shadow palettes are hard to come by and were released years ago. More or less,
         MAC has moved on to 4 shadow quads. The last collection that released a 6 shadow palette was the Tartan Tale Collection last year
         MAC Foundation and powder shades will always begin with either NW or NC followed by 2 digit number.

Because MAC is the brand that is primarily faked, I figured I'd only list the key things you can do to identify fake MAC items. If you have questions as to the authenticity to any other product, just google it. There are authenticity guides everywhere.

Now, sometimes people don't know that it is fake and have no intention of scamming anyone, but if you're a true MAC fan, you will know right away if it's fake.

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: Counterfit Cosmetics

thanks so much for the advice!

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: Counterfit Cosmetics

We need to immediately stop using fake cosmetics if we want good skin then use only natural cosmetics and natural products.

Posted 8 years ago

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