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Dating someone HIV positive?

Anyone who will avoid someone just because they have HIV is an ignorant shallow paranoid fool. You don't even know how they got it, your just worried they have it. That is like someone thinking of you as "that gay guy" instead of who you are, I have no issue with dating someone who is HIV as long as they didn't get it sleeping around. Also be as safe as possible, a relationship isn't all about sex. There is zero chance of getting HIV from making out, so yea...
Always use condoms for penetrative sex, they protect against gonorrhea, syphilis and other venereal diseases.
We should be very wary of the correlation between HIV and AIDS. Many very reputable scientists contest it, including one Nobel Prizewinner.
AIDS appears to have a much higher correlation with nitrites, poppers with gay men, and nitrite pesticides and fertilizers used in Africa.
Kissing carries very little risk unless you both have bleeding open sores in your mouths. Oral sex is a bit riskier as there will be some levels of the virus present in his semen. Most, if not all of it will be destroyed by your stomach acid. HOWEVER, there's always the chance of an open sore, bleeding gums, ulcer, or other irritation in your mouth or esophagus that could allow the virus to enter your blood.
While the risks from oral sex are much lower then unprotected anal or vaginal sex, it can still be a method of transmission.

Posted 7 years ago

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