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FIFA announced the 2015 Golden Globe Awards Messi C Ronaldo

On Wednesday, FIFA officially announced 2015FIFA time Golden Globe Awards, the Golden Globes ceremony will be this time next year on January 11 in Zurich.By convention, FIFA Golden Globes will be awarded Athlete of the Year and Best Women's Soccer Athlete of the Year, last year's winners are the C Ronaldo with Kessler.
In addition to the men's soccer athlete of the Year and Best Women's Player of the Year awards, FIFA also announced the men's soccer coach of the Year, Women's Coach of the Year, Best Chairman's Award, FIFA Fair Play Award, Puskas Award

(Best Goal Award). FIFA also announced at the same time of the year 11 u like Messi ? he is the most popular player on fifa 15 game ,more peopel would like to get <a href="">FIFA  coins</a> to buy a good one .
Since last season, Barcelona won the Triple Crown, Messi outstanding performance, so a lot of media analysis,i like Messi ,fifa 16 is coming ,i woud like to get more <a href="">FIFA 16 coins</a>to buy a good player . this year's Golden Globes will undoubtedly belong to Messi, even the Madrid media, "Marca" also pointed out that Messi is the year's biggest popular .
"Marca" claimed, FIFA will announce the Golden Globe list of 23 next month, no accidents with Macy C Luo will be nominated this list of 23 people. "Marca" further analysis, said in December the final three FIFA announce Golden Globe

list, C Ronaldo with Lionel Messi will occupy two positions, one position remaining who will be? "Marca" that the two teammates Lionel Messi or Neymar Suarez, more ffia 16 news,pls check our .there is hope to squeeze into the final list of three candidates

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Re: FIFA announced the 2015 Golden Globe Awards Messi C Ronaldo

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