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Tips to choose elegant bridesmaid dresses for spring wedding 2016?

In 2016 spring wedding, What are your ideal bridesmaid gowns?  If you have no ideas about your gown yet, why not try a elegant bridesmaid dresses for the romantic wedding season teemed with beautiful flowers? Hereby some key points should be taken into account.
1. Affordable price. A reasonable price gown will never make you face bankruptcy.
2. Flattering A line style. No matter what figure your are in, a line gown will fit almost all women.

3. long dress length. In early spring, a long bridesmaid dress are not only elegant, but it's warm especially in outdoor weddings.
4. Go with the wedding theme. For example, purple gown are suitable for purple theme wedding, and short one are right for indoor weddings.
5. Versatile functions. After all it's  waste of money to buy only single day dress,most bridesmaid dresses are also used for evening party or cocktail, so a versatile formal dress dressesmallau will be wore repeatedly.

Though our bridesmaids are not the heroine at the wedding, a beautiful bridal gown is also important for a perfect wedding party. Together with your powerful bridesmaids group, you will spend a wonderful wedding time!

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