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FIFA 16 Promotion

Here are all areas that FIFA 16 promises advances in: the details you can see in <a href=""></a>.
Football teams of women are finally in the game with FIFA 16!
25 changes in the defense mechanism with improved false tackles and sliding fighting dogs.
Improved AI awareness gaps in the defense.
Goalkeeper foundations have been updated to improve the last line of defense.
Improved Intercept field of intelligence makes environment plays a much stronger presence in the 16th FIFA
Improving disclosure options, with improvements in the intersection of the selection
All these game elements are certainly having involved with FIFA 15 for almost a year is needed. But there is one aspect of the game, which is often called negatively: Goalkeeper. And I can see why!

I saw him disappear arms, impossible acts crazy and the general progress made glitchy madness. It amazes me how many times I've put in FIFA 15 to be honest, compared to previous years. Of course, you can buy <a href="">fifa 15 coins android</a> in advance. FIFA Hopefully not walk in the footsteps of his 16th Although, after FIFA 16 Gamescom this month, I'm not sure if PES 2016 for me this year, above - the demo should show great potential! But even if these disorders often boring when you play.  It's damn fun to watch.

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Re: FIFA 16 Promotion

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Re: FIFA 16 Promotion

Thank you!

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